Rendering of a Creative Hub
A young child standing in the entrance to a building while smiling for a photograph.



A brightly costumed woman standing in a rocky landscape, holding up a reflective sign.
A smartly dressed child sitting with a group of other children while about to eat a snack.
Unseen. Invisible. Forgotten.
For millions of children around the world this is reality: Hardly noticed, they have no chance to discover and develop their full potential. Challenging circumstances due to war, poverty, social instability or impairment dominate the news and thus their lives.
A compilation of three images. Top right: billowing smoke photographed from a distance, bottom left: two children in front of tents - one on foot and the other on a bike, right: an encampment photographed from behind a makeshift fence .
A young woman lying on a bench in a derelict building, leaning on a very large stuffed toy.
We want to
change that.
A person wearing a green robe and a white motorcycle helmet standing on the trunk of an unroadworthy vehicle parked at the sidewalk.
Two children painting in a classroom.
A black arrow
Figures in bright costumes standing in a rocky landscape with colored smoke emerging from the ground.
A compilation of three images: Top: A young woman talking to a young child in a classroom-like setting, bottom left: a child's hand drawing on a black surface with a white marker, bottom right: a child's hand moulding a figurine from clay.
A Safe place for creativity
We give children regardless of their social or cultural background a platform on which they can express themselves creatively. In workshops with artists and creatives, we support them in discovering their own strengths and thus making their dreams, hopes and needs visible.

The pen, the brush, the paint, the spray can. The needle, the thread, the collage or the camera. CREATIVE HUBS provide a space for exactly that: everything that serves to make public through art what would otherwise go unnoticed. They are centrally located meeting places where creative projects mainly for children and young people take place on site to promote creative education and enable art therapy.
The mission: create. heal. empower
Encourage children to develop their creative thinking sustainably and to enable the processing of trauma with the help of art therapy.
Two children laughing while doing arts and crafts in a classroom.
Two masked young people performing martial arts moves next to swimming pools.
Through the creative projects, on the one hand, personality is strengthened - because we work with mental strength, expression, willpower, and self-initiative. But also, the togetherness: working in teams requires social skills such as tolerance, consideration, and listening.

The result: new self-confidence and self-assurance. Some discover unknown sides of themselves, others enjoy the sense of community, and some experience genuine recognition and a sense of achievement for the first time.
The goal of art therapy is to support, bring out and strengthen the personal potential. The inner conflicts and negative feelings that become visible can thus also be processed and integrated. In this way, the coping mechanisms and self-efficacy of the children and adolescents are promoted. Ultimately, the aim is to support healing, wholeness, and improved health.
A girl in a red dress imitating the pose of the wall art she's standing in front of.
A child and a woman sitting in-between artworks clamped to clotheslines - vegetation in the background.
Black and white typography with the word "empower" repeating vertically.
Pattern drawn by a child on a white paper
Located in the heart of Stuttgart, right by the central station, is our workshop room. Creative projects and art therapy with, for example, Ukrainian children and young people, already take place there regularly. Through training and coaching, we specifically equip employees and professionals to help others and themselves through art and creativity.
A rendering of the interior design of a workshop room.


A close-up portrait of a child wearing a colorful handcrafted mask.
get involved.
Masked and face-painted children standing in front of a wall, hoisting flags and decorated poles.
A girl looking into the camera - vegetation in the background
With your donation you become part of the project. You will receive an official donation receipt so that you can deduct your donation from taxes. No matter if you donate once or monthly.
A child kneeling on the floor while working on a collage.

With 20€, we can supply one family with light and electricity for a month.


With 50€ we are able to support a medical facility with its necessary devices.


A donation of 2500€ will make the care by one of our professional therapist possible for one month.

own amount


A portrait of a child with the word "dream" painted on her face.
A picture of children laughing while running towards the camera.